Math Practice Sheets based on your child’s favorite videogame

Boost your child’s math grades with math practice sheets they’ll recognise and want to do – because they’re all based on popular games like Minecraft, Roblox and others.

Access 1000+ sheets covering all the math topics for ages 6-9.

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Manage device time more effectively and without the arguments

This program will guide you through the steps you can take with your child to achieve the following:

– A more peaceful home environment without the arguments by managing device time more effectively

– You’ll understand why your child loves to play videogames and what causes them to become agitated

– A stronger relationship with your child by understanding the game they play and what it means to them

This program also includes bonus material like the Math Library of practice worksheets and interviews with parents and child psychologists from around the world.

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7-day video course to help you create your own resources

We’ve turned the P.A.R.R.O.T Framework into a 7-day video course so you can learn how to identify key game features in your child’s favorite game and then use those features as the context for math questions your child will be rushing to do.

Each video provides examples from different games and contexts so you get a complete break down of how to structure your questions and what’s going to be exciting for your child.