‘Pirate Problems’ lesson pack for Minecraft Education

Lesson plans and resources based on the Pirate Cove world that focus on developing teamwork, problem solving, communication and maths knowledge.

Maths topic include:

  • Co-ordinates
  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Statistics with bar graphs, tally graphs and pictograms
  • And more…

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of competing in Minecraft however it was not only an enjoyable experience, but a very beneficial educational one also. The children developed communication skills, critical thinking and collaboration within their teams. They needed to show creativity and resilience. They really enjoyed this experience I would highly recommend other schools to take part.” – Teacher, GEMS National School Dubai



Teacher training about how to use videogames for engagement and learning

We host online workshops for teachers and guide them through how to understand videogames, how to use them to build stronger relationships with their students, and how videogames can be used as a hook and to engagement students while supporting learning.



After school activities and clubs using videogames

We can help you plan and set up after school clubs using popular games like Minecraft, Roblox and Fortnite that support teamwork, problem solving and communication skills while also introducing and practicing coding and design.


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